Pilver Transport OÜ offers you the best logistical decisions considering all your needs and requirements. We always try to find the optimum decision to your problems and operatively to realize it in practice.
Expedition represents association of clients needs and opportunities of transport firms i.e. search best variants of transportations goods of the client and their organization. The logistics provides duly and lost-free delivery of the client goods item with use of a network of contractors. The given service is favourable to the client that relieves it of a duty to search for transportation in concrete region, and assigns these duties to the forwarding agent; thus, the client wins time for employment by the basic kind of activity. We offer multimodal transportations from any point of the world, using for this purpose sea, railway, air-and motor transport. The firm has a wide experience of transportations of bulky goods and building techniques (mixers for concrete, tractors, loaders and so forth).

We offer you following services:
The international transportations:
We give a wide spectrum of services in sphere of expedition and logistics, and each offered decision individually and consider specific needs of the client and type of a cargo, optimizing material and time expenses.

The basic stream of our cargoes is made with transit multimodal transportations at which it is

necessary high actions of participants of all transpor tprocess as a whole. transport chain, and also all
Convenient geographical arrangement of Estonia - on crossing of transport ways between the Europe and Russia, the CIS countries, plus the developed infrastructure and traditionally high quality of transport services allows to provide fast, precise and duly delivery.

Oversized transportations:
We offer the clients transportation of large-sized and heavy cargoes by various types of transport: special low-built platforms on motor transport (type LOWBED, JUMBO, telescopic); vessels sea (container, ??-??), river; platforms.

For transportation of bulky goods we make out all necessary sanctions according to instructions of supervising bodies, the suitable route is developed and prodrivings along the line are coordinated all. If necessary we organize support by patrol motor vehicles.

Small departures:
We offer our clients delivery of small cargoes in structure of modular cargoes, which essentially reduces cost of delivery. Thus we use consolidation in own warehouse and we legalize necessary papers.

The company renders a complex of warehouse services on storage, consolidations and cargoes overload.

For warehousing and processing of cargoes IBS possesses territory at a rate of 22000 m2 and a covered warehouse - 3300 m2. The territory is divided into commercial and customs zones. For acceptance and unloading of carriage we have access roads in the customs terminal on 32 cars of lump sum accommodation, plug electric crane carrying capacity 23 t. and diesel loaders. Warehouses have a convenient geographical arrangement: in radius of 1,5 km from our warehouse the international highway Stockholm – St.-Petersburg, seaport Muuga and commodity station Maardu. For development of joint activity and increase in freight traffics, our firm is ready to consider your offers and to lead works on preparation of the areas for reception of your cargo (goods).

Intrawarehouse services according to the instruction of the cargo owner can to include:

The control of quantity and quality
The command of skilled customs experts gives any services connected with customs in territory of the Europe, Scandinavia, Estonia and Russia. We are ready to assist importers and exporters in the resolution of disputes, connected with the customs legislation. We make customs registration of the imported, exported and transit goods, and also we give customs agency guarantees.

Our customs experts render following services:

Granting of customs guarantees for transit cargoes.
Registration of customs declarations, CMR, TIR, T1 and other customs documents.
Granting of additional time for payment of the custom charges and the state taxes.
The organizing sanitary / veterinary examination and registration of corresponding documents.
Performance of customs formalities on the terminals located in various regions Russian Federations.
Registration of transit being mode export and the cargo intended for export with use of opportunities of free customs areas of Estonia.